Outdoor LED Lighting For Parks And Recreation

Outdoor LED Lighting For Parks And Recreation

LED Lighting For Parks And Outdoor Recreation

Parks, recreation facilities and sports arenas require top-quality lighting so that drivers have proper visibility and patrons feel safe in parking lots. Effective LED lighting in sports venues illuminates playing areas, providing ideal light for each particular sport. Outdoor LED lighting provides parks and recreation facilities with multiple options for ample, energy-efficient lighting solutions.

AmLED Technologies understands outdoor LED lighting needs of parks and recreation venues and offers a wide variety of effective lighting products and solutions.

Lighting Options For Parks And Recreation

Pole lights in parking lots and other appropriate locations provides high performance, long-life lighting. The Ultra fin aluminum heat sink in LED flood luminaries enlarges the area of heat dissipation and airflow while providing considerable energy savings.


Light the way with LED canopy lighting for high performance and longer life to provide ample lighting across a variety of applications.

LED Journal cites Forbes as indicating, “The LED market will continue to grow throughout the next decade, with the global LED market share reaching about 70 percent by 2020.” To stay on trend, parks and outdoor recreation facilities likely want to provide exceptional LED lighting.

LED Lighting Benefits For Parks And Recreation

Benefits of outdoor LED lighting in parks and recreation include:

  • Long life span of up to 11 years
  • Energy efficient, resulting in significant savings over other types of lighting
  • Functionality in extremely hot and cold temperatures
  • Design flexibility
  • No toxic chemicals

Fully Customizable Parks & Recreation Lighting Solutions

Regardless of the layout of a park or outdoor recreation facility, we'll help you customize a complete LED lighting system for your facility. Our park and outdoor recreation lighting fixtures can help you save money while benefitting from long-lasting systems that keep your property sufficiently illuminated for many years. Whether you need LED pole lights for parks or flood lights for outdoor recreational areas, we'll help you find exactly what you need.

You'll have full control over the design of your LED lighting solutions, with plenty of options to give your property the most suitable system. We keep the design and installation processes simple and efficient to make sure you get the exact LED park and recreation lighting solution you want.

Purchasing Complete Parks And Outdoor Recreation LED Lighting

Parks, outdoor recreation facilities and sports venues require reliable, cost-efficient lighting.

AmLED Technologies offers the variety of outdoor recreation LED lighting solutions needed for different parks and recreation facilities.

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