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Roadway Lighting


Roadways require ample lighting to provide proper illumination for drivers, allowing them to clearly see the road ahead and avoid potential hazards in varying weather conditions. If you want to save more money on energy expenses while benefiting from reduced maintenance requirements, consider installing a complete system of LED roadway lighting from AmLED Technologies. There are multiple benefits that come with using LED lighting in lieu of traditional lighting systems on roadways, with many customizable options.

High-Quality LED Pole Lights For Roadways

LED pole lighting is one of the many different indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures you’ll find here at AmLED Technologies. Roadways will benefit from our LED pole lights, which are retrofittable with older street light poles. These lighting systems will help illuminate roadways to give drivers the lighting they need to safely navigate any road.

Benefits Of Using LED Roadway Lighting

While one of the most apparent benefits of using LED lights is lower energy costs, there are many other benefits you’ll find when you install LED lighting systems, including:

  • 100,000-hour or 11-year lifespan on 100% operation, or up to 22 years on 50% operation
  • Environmental friendliness due to the lack of toxic chemicals that are found in traditional lights
  • Increased durability with stronger and long-lasting components that can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • No UC emissions and minimal infrared light
  • Flexible design with customizable brightness levels
  • Functionality in extreme heat or cold temperatures
  • Instant lighting for immediate illumination
  • Low voltage, relying on power through external sources

With all of these benefits, LED lights are ideal for roadways along with many other locations.


Get Dependable LED Lighting For Roadways At AmLED Technologies

For some of the best LED lighting systems you’ll find anywhere, turn to AmLED Technologies for fully customized LED systems at some of the best prices. We offer top-quality streetlight products that can meet the needs of many types of roadways, lasting for decades while saving money on energy costs.

In addition to new lighting systems, we offer retrofitting systems that can allow you to easily integrate new lighting in existing systems. We can keep the retrofitting process fast and simple, without any issues with the implementation of new lighting.

If you would like to get started on the installation of new LED roadway lighting in your facility today, you can contact AmLED Technologies to speak with an expert for help with product selection, or view our full online inventory. You’ll be able to find the right products for a roadway, providing these locations with plenty of lighting for many years.

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