LED Lighting Offers As Many Solutions As There Are Settings in Hotels or Hospitality Facilities

LED Lighting For Hotels

With a wide variety of LED lighting options available for lighting in the hospitality industry, we can provide the best suitable lighting solutions that can fit your budget and brand requirements for hotels. There are many ways you can benefit from a complete installation of LED lighting for hotels.

You'll be able to save money on energy expenses, utilizing lighting solutions that last longer than traditional lighting.

Types Of Hotel LED Lighting Options Available


There are multiple types of LED lights that you can install around hotels in various areas.

LED canopy lights are among the most popular options, which are installable in certain locations such as check-in area canopies at hotel entrances.

Lighting In Hotels

LED streetlights are ideal for parking lot areas and around the perimeter of the hotel to guide vehicles.

Other types of lights include LED floodlights, flat panel lights for lobbies and other indoor areas, and tube lights.

Energy Efficient

Using a combination of these lights can help you save significantly on energy costs and provide sufficient lighting for many years.

You can install a complete system of LED lighting for hotels to use in nearly every area from the entrance to the hotel rooms themselves.


Specific Benefits Of LED Lighting

There are many reasons you should use LED lighting instead of traditional lighting systems such as fluorescent bulbs. Some of the specific benefits include:

  • Longer life, as LED bulbs can last for up to 100,000 hours, or 11 years of operation
  • Increased energy efficiency of up to 80%-90% compared to traditional lights
  • Lack of toxic chemicals such as mercury that conventional bulbs often carry
  • Durability with sturdy components that are capable of withstanding rough weather conditions
  • No UV emissions and little infrared
  • Functionality in both extremely hot and cold temperatures, making them ideal for most outdoor environments and indoor areas such as freezers
  • Better distribution of light for increased application efficiency
  • Instant lighting and frequent switching, as lights brighten up immediately when powered on
  • Low voltage for easy use in outdoor settings through an external energy source

Get LED Lights For Hotels At AmLED Technologies


To install top-quality LED lighting for your hotel or other location, contact AmLED Technologies today.

Our experienced staff can help you select the best LED lighting products, giving you the ability to develop a complete system that will help you save money on energy costs and reduce maintenance requirements, with long-lasting solutions that provide proper lighting throughout your property.

Hotel Lighting Fixtures

If you need to retrofit LED lighting solutions with current lighting systems, we can help retrofit our products with existing systems to make the transition to LED easier.

We offer complete retrofit kits that work best at your location, at the best value.

To get started on your next project, contact AmLED Technologies to speak with an expert today who can help you with product selection, or shop online today. We're ready to help you with a system of hotel LED lighting immediately.

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