LED Lighting For Government Facilities

LED Lighting For Government Facilities

Benefits Of LED Lighting

Primary benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Longer life span, up to 11 years continuous 100 percent operation
  • Design flexibility
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Provides instant lighting, allowing for immediate illumination
  • Functionality during extreme temperatures, indoors and outdoors
  • Exceptional energy cost savings


Benefits Specific To Government Agencies

There are proven benefits of LED lighting specific to government facilities. The U.S. Veteran’s Affairs Office of Construction and Facilities Management conducted the LED & Conventional Lighting Systems Comparison Study. The study compared LED lighting to conventional lighting within the VA healthcare system, including parking lots and garages, offices, exam rooms, nurse’s stations and corridors. The study calculated performance and costs of LED lighting and conventional lighting.

Among the findings, released in 2014, was the conclusion that LED lighting is “Suited for all interior applications on a life-cycle cost basis, particularly any application that requires long hours of operation…” The study deemed exterior LED lighting “Superior” to conventional lighting in the VA Government healthcare facilities.

LED Lighting For Employees And Their Facilities

LEDs Magazine explains that while productive employees are a valuable asset, employees often suffer from fatigue and reduced motivation.


LED lighting provides exceptional lighting with potential to help keep employees alert, reducing fatigue and lack of motivation.

Types Of Lighting For Government Facilities

Government facilities and agencies that take advantage of customizable LED lighting have the ability to provide ideal lighting solutions.

Using a combination of pole lights, flat panel lights, low ceiling and other designs, helps optimize lighting for every area of government facilities.

AmLED Technologies provides a wide variety of exceptional LED lighting solutions for government facilities.

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