LED Car Dealership Lighting

LED Car Dealership Lighting

Car dealerships require proper lighting to highlight vehicles in showrooms and other locations both inside and outside of the building. To save money on energy expenses and experience a reduced need for maintenance, consider using a system of LED car dealership lighting from AmLED Technologies. There are many reasons you should use LED lights instead of conventional systems in your dealership, with many options available depending on your needs. 

Types Of LED Car Dealership Lights

There are several different types of LED car dealership lighting systems that you can use for various areas of a dealership. Canopy lights are often used for entrances with overhanging canopies, flat panel lights or down lights are ideal to use as LED car showroom lighting, and LED streetlights can illuminate parking lots at night. Using a complete combination of these products, you can provide sufficient lighting to showcase vehicles from your lot to your showroom for potential buyers. 

Specific Benefits Of LED Car Dealership Lighting

While LED lighting's most obvious benefit may be lowered energy costs, there are other benefits that car dealerships can experience with these systems. These benefits include: 

  • Long life span, lasting up to 11 years or 100,000 hours on100% operation and 22 years on 50% operation
  • Environmentally friendly because of the lack of toxic chemicals unlike traditional lighting options
  • Improved durability with sturdy components that can withstand rough conditions
  • Minimal infrared light and zero UV emissions
  • Flexibility of design, with the ability to combine multiple shapes and brightness levels with dimmers based on the location
  • Functionality in extreme hot and cold temperatures both indoors and outdoors
  • Instant lighting when switched on, which allows for immediate illumination of designated areas
  • Low voltage, receiving enough power through external energy sources 

All of these benefits make LED car dealership lights the most ideal solutions for illuminating these facilities. 

Buy LED Lighting Systems At AmLED Technologies

For a selection of the best LED lighting products available anywhere, visit AmLED Technologies for top-quality LED solutions available at the best value. We carry a wide selection of canopy lights, flat panel lights, and streetlights to cover nearly every area of your dealership. Our lighting products last for many years and can help you save money on energy costs, with minimal maintenance required. 

Along with new lighting products, we offer retrofitting products that can allow you to integrate new LED solutions with existing lighting systems. With retrofit products, we can help ensure that the installation process of new LED equipment is quick and simple without complications. 

To get started on the installation of new LED car dealership lighting systems today, contact AmLED Technologies to speak with an expert for assistance with product selection, or browse our full selection of products online. You'll be able to find the products that best suit your application and give you sufficient lighting for many years at the lowest cost possible.

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