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Corporate Campus Lighting


Corporate campuses are among the many types of properties that can benefit from high-quality LED lighting. These facilities can cover large areas that require sufficient lighting for both vehicles and pedestrians.

You’ll find many benefits when you use LED lighting for corporate campuses and see how it improves your landscape.

Benefits Of LED Lighting For Corporate Campuses

Similar to other types of LED lighting systems, corporate campus lighting options offer several benefits, regardless of the type of facilities you need to illuminate. You can make the property more visually appealing and showcase landscaping in the area, providing the ideal ambience for visitors and employees.

The benefits of using LED lighting for corporate campuses include:

  • Longer lifespan than other inferior lighting options, lasting up to 11 years
  • Energy efficiency and subsequently reduced energy costs
  • Capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions
  • Environmental friendliness without using mercury or other harmful materials
  • Offers more opportunity for customized solutions

Why You Should Choose LED Corporate Campus Lighting

LED lighting enables for more enhanced outdoor appeal while improving safety on the campus. The energy efficient nature of these lights allows them to last longer, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement. LED lights are also adjustable to provide proper illumination in areas that need it.

You can use LED streetlights around building perimeters, low-ceiling lighting fixtures in parking garages, or panel lighting in office buildings. There are many different applications within this type of space that can benefit from high-quality LED lighting. You can also customize each installation depending on the needs of each space.


Get Reliable LED Lighting For Corporate Campuses At AmLED Technologies

AmLED Technologies offers LED lighting fixtures with a wide variety of lens and color options to meet your location’s specific needs. Our experienced staff has the expertise needed to help you develop customized corporate campus lighting that’s best suited to your application.

Regardless of the size of your corporate campus, we can help you select the perfect LED lighting solution to meet your project specifications. You’ll have everything you need to save money on energy expenses while helping ensure your property remains safe for pedestrians.

To get started on the installation of a complete LED corporate campus lighting solution in your facility today, contact AmLED Technologies today to consult with one of our experts for assistance with product selection, or view our entire online inventory. You’ll find the perfect products for your location, providing your facilities with plenty of energy-efficient lighting for many years at a reasonable price.

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