High Visibility, Safety, and Flexibility LED Parking Garage Lighting Leaves Nothing Unattended

Parking Garage Lights

Parking Garage LED Lighting Fixtures

AmLED Technologies provides LED lighting solutions across a variety of applications, including for parking garages. Parking garages requires ample lighting to ensure the high visibility necessary as people enter, park and leave the parking garage. Additionally, parking garage lighting needs requires sufficient lighting so that individuals feel safe walking to and from their destination.


The most efficient way to provide ideal parking garage lighting is to use LED lighting, such as LED lighting provided by AmLED Technologies.

Effectiveness Of LED Lighting In Parking Garages

The effectiveness of LED lighting is proved by several reports, including a 2013 report from the U.S. Department of Energy. LED Journal reveals information from the report, including that results show “Energy savings of 52 percent from the initial conversion...to the LED product.” LED Journal also says the Department of Energy provided numerous demonstrations on the effectiveness of LED lighting.

Similarly, the Indiana University of Pennsylvania points out, “LED lighting is by far the most energy efficient, the cleanest, and the most eco-friendly way of illumination.” The University also explains, “LED is designed to focus its light and can be directed to a specific location without the use of an external reflector, achieving a higher application efficiency than conventional lighting.”

AmLED Technologies understands the importance of having sufficient LED lighting in parking garages and provides flexible LED lighting solutions.

Garage Lighting From AmLED Technologies

Effective lighting outside the parking garage is also necessary to ensure safe entry into the parking garage and for more visibility of the parking garage itself.


Pole lighting from AmLED Technologies provides ideal, energy-efficient lighting outside the entry and all around the parking garage.

Some parking garages provide walkways where canopy lighting provides safe lighting for people walking to and from the parking garage.

Another option is AmLED Technologies’ R2T Low Ceiling Series. AmLED Technologies considers this the best lighting solution for parking garages. The option to choose colors and lenses makes this style completely customizable to your parking garage lighting needs.

Benefits Of LED Lighting For Parking Garages

There are multiple benefits of LED lighting, including:

  • Durability with strong materials that can hold up even under harsh weather
  • Long life span of up to 22 years
  • Sufficient distribution of light with ability to focus on certain areas
  • No UV emissions and minimal infrared light
  • Design flexibility for customizable LED lighting needs

Customizable LED Parking Garage Lighting From AmLED Technologies

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