Four Part Harmony for Airports Transitioning to AmLED Lights

Airport Lighting

Benefits Of Airport LED Lighting

LED lighting has multiple benefits in airport lighting design, application and technology. Some primary benefits of LED lighting solutions include:

  • Consumes less energy, which results in significant cost and energy savings
  • Environmentally friendly, with no hazardous substances
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer life span, more than 10 years continuous 100 percent operation
  • Functions during both extreme cold and hot weather conditions

Additionally, there are benefits specific to LED airport lighting. LED Magazine explains that LED lighting provides beneficial lighting solutions on the ground and in the air. LED airport lighting provides versatile, reliable illumination, lowers cost of the finished assembly, and allows for a high degree of design freedom.


AmLED Technologies realizes the crucial importance of reliable, safe lighting throughout airport lots, garages, entryways, terminals, runways and other areas.

Importance Of Airport LED Lighting

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) points to the fact that LED airport lighting provides better visual perception for pilots. The LRC explains that LED signal lights provide more saturated colors, compared to incandescent lighting and therefore increases perception of brightness.

Another crucial factor is the fact that LED lighting minimizes pollution, feature optics for directional lighting, allowing for directing the light to the surface of a specific mark or to a terminal entrance, for example.

AmLED Technologies provides efficient, versatile and safe LED lighting solutions for airports.

Types Of LED Lighting For Airports

Two of the outdoor LED lighting solutions include pole lighting and canopy lighting. Pole lights are ideal for lots and other outdoor airport areas. Customers choose from different housing colors and lens options or even customizable options.

LED canopy lighting provides ideal lighting for garages, low and high ceiling applications. Choose your preferred housing colors and lens options or combine different lenses and colors of AmLED Technologies’ LED canopy lights.


High Bay & Low Bay Airport LED Lighting

AmLED Technologies provides ideal airport indoor LED lighting solutions. Consider high bay and low bay LED lighting that features innovative designs. Highly energy-efficient and low maintenance, these are perfectly suitable for large and small spaces.

LED flat panel lights provide exceptional lighting for offices and other airport spaces. They allow you to adjust the level of lighting to modify brightness for more energy efficiency.

AmLED Technologies Lighting Solutions For Airports

All lighting solutions from AmLED Technologies have proper certification to help ensure that all products meet industry standards and qualifications.

Contact one of our lighting experts today to get started on your airport LED lighting project.

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