Entrance Area Lighting

Entrance Area Lighting

LED lighting in entrance areas allows for commercial and industrial lighting that provides several benefits to the business, customers, patients, visitors and employees. Learn about entrance area LED lighting products and services offered by AmLED Technologies, to provide optimal lighting solutions for your entrance area, along with short term and long term benefits.

Benefits Of Entrance Area LED Lighting


The entrance area of a business, agency or facility potentially makes a lasting impression on customers, clients, patients, employees and others who visit, conduct business with your company or work at your business.

Although it is easy to assume that upgrading to entrance area LED lighting is expensive, this is not the case. In fact, Transparency Market Research points out that LED lighting, “Delivers high efficiency, high level of brightness, long lifespan and high reliability,” compared to other types of lighting. Specific benefits include:

  • Improved distribution of light, which results in an increased efficiency of application
  • Long life of LED lighting solutions, up to 100,000 hours
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Energy efficient, which results in significant savings over other lighting solutions
  • Durability of components, allowing for functionality in very hot and cold temperatures

Need For LED Lighting At Entrance Areas


Different businesses have different lighting needs, both inside and outdoors. AmLED Technologies helps you create the ideal entrance area lighting solutions for your specific needs.

High traffic areas such as entrance areas require reliable, cost-efficient lighting that meets the individual needs of every business. Whether your LED entrance lighting needs include lighting solutions for a small family practice or bistro, a large retail store, hospital or business where hundreds of people enter and leave every day, AmLED Technologies has a variety of lighting solutions to showcase your entrance area. The design flexibility offered by AmLED Technologies is one aspect that allows for truly customized entrance area lighting solutions.

Entrance Area LED Lighting From AmLED Technologies

Consider LED pole lighting to lead the way to the entrance area or perhaps the option of LED canopy outdoor lights. Low ceiling lights also provide ideal LED entrance area lighting for many businesses. Save energy, benefit from sufficient illumination to light the way, and help ensure safety at your entrance areas.

Go modern with an array of housing color, lens and mounting options if you choose low bay and high bay LED lighting solutions for your entrance areas. You can easily place an order or learn more about AmLED Technologies lighting products and solutions.

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