Convenience Store LED Lighting

Convenience Store LED Lighting

AmLED Technologies carries the right LED lighting replacements for existing high-wattage lighting systems, which can help convenience stores experience huge savings on energy usage and maintenance. LED convenience store lightingcan last for years and help you save money that may otherwise go to waste on outdated and ecologically harmful solutions. There are many uses for LED lights in and around convenience stores. 

Types Of LED Lights For Convenience Stores

Convenience stores can utilize LED lights in many different areas. Flat panel lights are commonly used to illuminate indoor areas, while LED street lights are typically used around the perimeter of convenience stores. For gas stations outside of convenience stores, canopy lights are available to provide sufficient lighting in these areas. There are many ways you can use LED lighting systems to cut down on energy costs while improving lighting in areas that require more illumination. 

Benefits Of LED Convenience Store LED Lighting


There are many benefits that convenience stores can experience with a system of LED lighting. Some of these specific benefits include: 

  • Long life span, with bulbs that can last up to 11 years on 100% operation and 22 years on 50% operation, preventing the need for frequent replacement
  • Ecological friendliness, as LED bulbs contain nontoxic chemicals that help prevent potential pollution
  • Durability with sturdy components that can hold up in the roughest conditions
  • No UV emissions and minimal infrared light
  • Flexibility of design, allowing for the combination of many shapes and brightness levels depending on the area that requires illumination
  • Operation in extreme temperatures in both hot and cold indoor and outdoor environments
  • Instant lighting when powered on, which is ideal for applications requiring quick light activation
  • Low voltage, which means that external solar-energy sources are enough to provide the power necessary to keep LED lights operational 

These benefits make LED lighting invaluable to convenience stores and many other locations where heavy illumination is necessary. 


Purchase LED Convenience Store Lighting At AmLED Technologies

For a full selection of reliable LED lighting products, visit AmLED Technologies. We have the ability to help you design and implement a complete system of LED lights for your property using our state-of-the-art products. We carry canopy lights, flat panels, streetlights, and more to cover nearly every aspect of your property. You'll benefit from complete systems that provide years of use while helping you avoid unnecessary expenses on your facility's lighting. 

In addition to new lighting systems, we can also provide retrofitting products if you need systems that are compatible with an existing lighting system. Through retrofitting, we can help keep the installation of LED lighting systems fast and simple. You don't have to worry about overcomplicating the installation process with our easy-to-install products. 

To find the right LED convenience store lighting for your property, contact AmLED Technologies to receive help from an expert in product selection, or browse our full selection of products online today.

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