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Conference Lighting


AmLED Technologies offers a wide range of LED lighting options for conferences and trade shows. You'll be able to benefit from some of the best lighting options available while saving money and meeting all facility requirements simultaneously. Unlike traditional lighting systems, you'll see many benefits with LED lighting, such as increased energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Types Of LED Conference Lighting Systems Available

There are multiple types of LED lighting options that are ideal for conferences and trade shows, including flat panel lights that are useful for illuminating central conference rooms and trade shows. Depending on the height of the ceiling and the overall size of the venue, different wattages are available to meet the application's requirements.

These venues can also benefit from LED streetlights, which can provide sufficient illumination in parking lots for pedestrians.

Using a system of LED lights for conferences can help you reduce energy expenses while providing sufficient lighting for long periods of time compared to other more traditional options.

Why You Should Utilize LED Lighting For Conferences

There are many benefits you'll find when you install high-quality LED conference lighting that you won't experience with traditional options, including:

  • More energy efficiency of up to 80-90% compared to traditional lighting
  • Longer lifetime, with bulbs that can last up to 11 years or 100,000 hours on 100% power or 22 years on 50%
  • More durability with components that won't experience wear under harsh conditions
  • Minimal infrared and no UV emissions
  • Complete functionality in all temperatures and climates, making them useful in nearly any space
  • Low voltage for efficient lighting through the use of an external energy source
  • Improved distribution of lighting for increased efficiency of application
  • Instant lighting, as bulbs turn on immediately when powered on

These benefits make LED conference lighting a worthwhile purchase that can help increase the overall energy efficiency of your conference venue while providing you with a high-quality lighting solution that lasts for many years.


Buy LED Lighting For Conferences At AmLED Technologies

For a complete system of dependable and long-lasting LED lights for conference venues or other types of locations, contact AmLED Technologies. We have a team of experts who can help you select the right LED lighting systems for a complete solution that allows you to reduce maintenance needs while saving money.

If retrofitting is needed for existing LED systems when installing new lighting, we can also help with retrofitting services to make the transition to LED easier. In addition to lighting products, you can purchase retrofit kits that make installation easy and cost-effective.

To get started on an LED lighting solution for a conference venue today, contact us to speak with an expert who can help you find what you need. You can also browse our online selection on your own and place an order for any of the products we offer. We'll help make sure you get all of the high-quality lighting systems you need for conferences or many other locations.

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