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LED Lighting For Hospitals And Healthcare Facilities

A wide variety of LED lighting options from AmLED Technologies provides outstanding lighting for entryways, corridors, waiting areas, operating rooms, nurse’s stations, patient rooms, offices and parking lots.

LED Light: A High Achiever For Schools and Education Centers

Schools that benefit from LED lighting continue to do so years after installation. Several schools already report substantial benefits.

Outdoor LED Lighting For Parks And Recreation

Parks, recreation facilities and sports arenas require top-quality lighting so that drivers have proper visibility and patrons feel safe in parking lots. Effective LED lighting in sports venues illuminates playing areas, providing ideal light for each particular sport.

LED Lighting For Churches

Crime happens in church parking lots just like in other places. LED lighting provides cost-efficient lighting that clearly illuminates church parking lots for parishioners, ministers and guests.

LED Lighting For Government Facilities

There are proven benefits of LED lighting specific to government facilities. The U.S. Veteran’s Affairs Office of Construction and Facilities Management conducted the LED & Conventional Lighting Systems Comparison Study.

Indoor And Outdoor LED Restaurant Lighting

LED lighting solutions are suitable for nearly any application. This is great news for restaurant owners looking for benefits in their restaurant lighting.

LED Lighting Goes High and Wide To Meet the Needs of Warehouse Facilities

At AmLED, you’ll find a wide range of LED lighting options that work for many different types of warehouses. At the same time, you’ll also be able to stay within your available budget while meeting all facility lighting requirements.

Parking Lot LED Lighting

Parking lots require enough lighting to help make sure that drivers have proper visibility when driving through them at night. For long-lasting lighting solutions that can help reduce energy costs, consider getting a system of parking lot LED lighting from AmLED Technologies.

LED Car Dealership Lighting

Car dealerships require proper lighting to highlight vehicles in showrooms and other locations both inside and outside of the building.

Convenience Store LED Lighting

AmLED Technologies carries the right LED lighting replacements for existing high-wattage lighting systems, which can help convenience stores experience huge savings on energy usage and maintenance.

High Performance Lighting for Gas and Service Stations

LED lighting can significantly improve gas stations by reducing energy expenses and lasting for many years. AmLED Technologies can help you design a complete system of LED lighting that lasts for years and meets your budget requirements, with a wide selection of products.

LED Lighting Offers As Many Solutions As There Are Settings in Hotels or Hospitality Facilities

With a wide variety of LED lighting options available for lighting in the hospitality industry, we can provide the best suitable lighting solutions that can fit your budget and brand requirements for hotels.

The Need For Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED lighting provides cost-effective, high quality lighting for all your commercial lighting needs. Commercial LED lighting from AmLED Technologies provides lighting solutions across a variety of applications.

Street Lights

LED lighting provides numerous benefits across multiple applications, including street lighting. AmLED Technologies recognizes the need for cost-efficient LED street lighting and provides options to meet customizable LED street lighting needs.

High Visibility, Safety, and Flexibility LED Parking Garage Lighting Leaves Nothing Unattended

AmLED Technologies provides LED lighting solutions across a variety of applications, including for parking garages. Parking garages requires ample lighting to ensure the high visibility necessary as people enter, park and leave the parking garage

Gymnasium Lighting

The benefits of LED lighting over other types of lighting continue to result in various businesses, including gymnasiums, to realize that LED lighting is an ideal option.

Entrance Area Lighting

LED lighting in entrance areas allows for commercial and industrial lighting that provides several benefits to the business, customers, patients, visitors and employees.

Flood Lighting

Traditional flood lights traditionally required a great deal of power, likely putting a significantly strain on budgets of some facilities and venues using flood lighting.

Create Taste Appeal for Foods & Groceries With LED Grocery Store Lighting

LED lighting offers substantial benefits to grocery stores, whether you operate a small neighborhood grocery store or a large regional or national grocery store chain.

Light the Way with AmLED Pathway Lighting And You’ll Never Go Wrong

AmLED Technologies offers a variety of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions, providing optimal lighting for businesses, schools, government and healthcare facilities, agencies, museums and nearly any space. One other outstanding option is LED pathway lighting.

Lights That Glow or Lights That Grow? You Can Have Both, With AmLED Garden Lights

Illuminate garden spaces with LED lighting solutions from AmLED Technologies to showcase your garden, add a special touch or feature a beautiful space for reflection.

Four Part Harmony for Airports Transitioning to AmLED Lights

LED lighting has multiple benefits in airport lighting design, application and technology.

Work Lights

There are numerous benefits of LED lights across a variety of lighting applications, including work lights.

While the Weather Can Wreck Havoc on Your Outdoor Venue Your AmLED Waterproof, Water-Resistant Lighting Just Keeps On Shining

Waterproof LED lighting allows businesses, museums, aquariums, marinas and boats, carwashes and landscaping facilities to benefit from important waterproof lighting as well as increased visual appeal.

AmLED Smart Lights Help Make the Transition From Setting to Setting, Moment to Moment

AmLED Technologies offers a wide range of LED lighting options for conferences and trade shows.

Bollard Lighting

At AmLED Technologies, you'll find a selection of LED lighting for bollards, which are ideal for use in many types of walkways and pathways.

Auto Dealership Lighting

Auto dealerships need sufficient lighting to highlight different automobiles in spacious showrooms and other indoor and outdoor areas.

Meeting the Specs and Standards of Roadway Lighting with Style, Substance and Smart Technology

Roadways require ample lighting to provide proper illumination for drivers, allowing them to clearly see the road ahead and avoid potential hazards in varying weather conditions.

Win Big Points with LED Sports Lighting

AmLED Technologies offers high-quality LED lighting solutions for outdoor sports and recreation facilities in addition to lighting for indoor facilities including gyms and locker rooms.

Play It Safe With LED Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting solutions are intended to help provide sufficient lighting in emergency situations.

Create Breathtaking Views With Outdoor LED Underwater Lighting

Searching for the perfect lighting to illuminate a swimming pool, fountain, or other type of underwater fixtures? You can also get underwater lighting from AmLED Technologies to provide sufficient illumination in any underwater environment.

Massive Lighting that Makes the Grade for Safety, Ambience and Energy Conservation

Educational campuses and others require sufficient illumination for pedestrian and vehicle traffic, which LED lighting systems can provide.

Guide the Buying Process with Lighting that Illuminates, Motivates, Persuades and Sells

Retail businesses require sufficient lighting to provide illumination for pedestrians and drivers, whether in the store or over parking lots.

Increase Productivity with AmLED Lights That Motivate, Inspire and Enhance Visibility

Corporate campuses are among the many types of properties that can benefit from high-quality LED lighting. These facilities can cover large areas that require sufficient lighting for both vehicles and pedestrians.

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