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R2T Low Ceiling Series

R2T low ceiling luminaires are designed to ensure higher performance, longer life time and better efficiency. These luminaires can be installed for new construction and replacing existing luminaires. Our Slimlineseries R2T low ceiling luminaires are available in different housing colors and lens options. These luminaires are well suited for parking garages and other low ceiling applications, providing sufficient illumination for a wide range of applications.

Provide Proper Lighting for Areas with Low Ceilings

If you have a parking garage or another space that requires lighting designed specifically for spaces with low ceilings, our R2T low ceiling lights can give you the best results. Choose from different colors and lenses depending on the type of space you need lighting for, and fully customize your installations to meet your needs. We have many different options available to make sure you benefit from our systems. You’ll benefit from a complete system designed to provide optimal lighting.

Reduce Energy Expenses with LED Low Ceiling Lights

One of the main benefits of installing our R2T series LED low ceiling lights is the ability to save money on energy costs. Our LED lights are designed to last much longer than traditional bulbs, helping customers avoid the need for frequent replacements or repairs. You can ultimately save a lot of money on lighting with a system of LED low ceiling lights from AmLED Technologies. With our low ceiling LED lighting systems installed on your property, you’ll see great results without the need for frequent replacements.

Get a Complete LED Low Ceiling Light Solution Today

Want to get started on purchasing and installing a system of R2T low ceiling lights? Request more information or download a product spec sheet below. We're ready to help you get the most energy-efficient and reliable lighting available, including these and other lighting products that we offer. Regardless of what you need for your application, we can provide you with a complete lighting solution that gives you the best results while saving you money and frustration in the long run.

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Product Attribute

Initial Delivered Lumens: 8,500 to 18,500 lumens
Input Power: 65*, 90*, 125 and 150 Watts
CRI: 84
CCT: 4000K *, 5000K*, 5700K
Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC
Power Factor: > 0.9
Controls: 1-10V dimming /Occupancy/Daylight Sensing (optional)
Patented Design
Warranty: 7 years limited