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Outdoor Lighting

AmLED Technologies carries many different types of outdoor lighting for a wide variety of applications. Regardless of the type of facility you need to purchase lighting for, our LED technology can give you what you need to provide sufficient lighting for employees, customers, and others.

Our LED lights are made using the best materials to keep them energy-efficient while ensuring they last for many years without the need for repairs or replacements. Regardless of the application, our energy-efficient outdoor lighting systems can provide proper lighting while helping you save more money for many years. All of our lighting systems are made of the best available materials, providing you with some of the most dependable solutions that will keep you satisfied.


We carry four main types of outdoor LED lights depending on your needs.

Canopy Outdoor LED Light Fixtures

LED canopy lights are ideal for many types of outdoor locations at various heights, with multiple lens and color options to help you meet the specific need of your location. Use them at gas stations, and other canopy locations that require overhead lighting to provide sufficient illumination. Brightness is adjustable based on the height of the canopy, allowing you to get sufficient lighting for any type of canopy while remaining energy-efficient. 

All canopy luminaires we offer are RoHS, FCC, cULus, and DesignLights Consortium™ listed and certified for the highest quality.

Pole Lights

Another common type of outdoor lighting fixture that many locations use is a pole light. Our LED pole luminaires are designed to last longer and more efficiently than traditional pole light models. You can install them on new construction locations or replace existing lights for a wide variety of locations. Use them in residential streets, parking lots, and area lighting. Like canopy lights, you can adjust brightness depending on the height of the pole and how far the light needs to reach.

Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Our LED flood luminaires are designed using a unique fin aluminum heat sink, low weight, and materials that allow for safe handling. You'll be able to save money with less material usage when using these fixtures. You can use them for gymnasiums and many other locations to provide plenty of lighting in a variety of environments. 

Low Ceiling Lights

AmLED Technologies' low ceiling luminaires are designed for optimal performance, improved efficiency, and a longer lifespan. Install them for either new construction or as replacements for existing lighting systems, and choose from multiple color and lens options. They are ideal for use in areas with lower ceilings such as parking garages.

Choose a Custom Outdoor LED Lighting System That Works for You

Regardless of your needs, we offer complete LED lighting systems that work for many types of outdoor locations. You won't need to worry about being unable to find the right lighting for your canopies, poles, low ceilings, or flood areas. Our lights are designed to give you everything you need to maintain proper lighting in areas that need it, with the ability to customize most features. When you work with AmLED for custom outdoor LED lighting fixtures, you’ll be able to benefit from top-quality products and services, helping ensure you never need to worry about nonfunctional lighting systems in your facility. You can ultimately save money and redirect focus on other aspects of your business, without the need for frequent bulb replacements or repairs.


Reliable Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures for Many Applications

We have the reliable outdoor LED lighting your facility needs to save energy and benefit from sufficient illumination in many environments. Our lighting systems are designed to meet the needs of any application, with materials that will last for many years. We make it easier than ever to design a custom outdoor area LED lighting system that best meets your needs.

If you need help with the selection of options, feel free to contact us at any time and we'll provide any assistance you need. You’ll be able to get some of the most dependable products at some of the best prices, especially considering the fact that you won’t need to spend much more on these lights in the future.

Choose from Other Lighting Options

For a selection of other lighting options, browse the rest of our inventory for a wide selection of products, including indoor high bay and panel lighting along with specialty cooler lighting. We have what you need for nearly any application to give you the best results from all of our products.