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LED Flood luminaire

LED Flood luminaires are designed with unique fin aluminium heat sink, greatly reduce product weight and guarantee the safety handling. By increasing the number of fins to enlarge the area of heat dissipation and air flow, this new heatsink significantly increase the efficiency of thermal conduction with less material usage and more saving on energy. It is one of the best LED flood light solutions available.

Use LED Flood Lights for Nearly Any Type of Facility

Like our other LED lighting systems, you can use our LED Flood luminaires to illuminate nearly any type of space. You can use larger systems to provide sufficient lighting for stadiums, and smaller systems are more ideal for areas such as warehouse exteriors. Regardless of the application, we have systems available for your facility that are both effective and energy efficient.

A swivel mount also makes it easy to put the lights at nearly any angle for proper lighting in any designated area.

Save More Money on Energy Expenses with LED Flood Lighting

Compared to traditional flood lights, which require more lighting power than other types of lighting, our LED flood lights consume far less energy. They can give you even better results as other high-quality traditional bulbs while helping you save more money in the long run. LED lights also last longer than other types of bulbs, requiring less frequent replacements and maintenance.

To get started on an order of our LED Flood luminaires today, you can request more info or download our spec sheet below.

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Product Attribute

Initial Delivered lumens: 6800, 16200, 20200, 39200 and 53900
Input Power: 80, 150, 200, 400 & 600W
CRI: >80
CCT: 4000K, 5000K
Input Voltage: 90~305 VAC
Power Factor: > 0.9
THD: <20% (277V)
Mounting: Swivel Mount
Expected life: 50,000 hours (L70)