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Where can I buy commercial LED lighting?

If you're looking for high-quality commercial indoor and outdoor LED lighting, turn to AmLED Technologies to meet all of your needs. We have a wide variety of lighting styles, including outdoor canopy, pole, flood, low-ceiling, and pole lights, along with indoor high bay and panel lighting. We also offer display case lighting for coolers. Use them for a variety of applications, including hotels, gas stations, convenience stores, car dealerships, parking lots, and warehouses.

We have many lens options and brightness levels to help ensure you get the products that you need for proper illumination in your facility.

Why should we use LED lighting?

Unlike other traditional types of commercial lighting, LED lighting is ideal for many different applications because of its energy-efficient nature. LED requires far less electricity to run than other lighting methods. As a result, businesses can save money on their lighting systems.

Another benefit of LED lighting is its ability to last longer than traditional bulbs. This also further helps save money on replacements and reduces the hassle of dealing with bulb outages.

With LED lighting installed in your facility, you'll benefit from a long-lasting, energy-efficient, and ultimately cost-effective lighting system. They're ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well.

Why change to LED lighting?

If you're considering switching to LED lighting in your facility, changing to this type of lighting can be much more beneficial for your business. LED lighting is more energy-efficient, requiring much less electrical power to provide sufficient illumination in most areas.

LED lights are also designed to last longer than older types of bulbs, lasting for many years without the need for frequent replacement. Keep your facilities properly lit with LED lights while reducing the chances of burnouts using long-lasting LED.

Because of their energy efficiency, you'll be able to save money on LED lights, helping allocate investments in more important matters.

Is LED lighting sustainable?

Indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems are much more sustainable than other traditional lighting methods. While fluorescent lights may be more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, LED lights can save even more energy, providing a more natural lighting solution for any location.

Their construction is ultimately designed to be more environmentally friendly. You'll be able to make your facility more eco-friendly as a result of using LED lighting systems in your facilities, cutting down on energy consumption by as much as 80% compared to other types of lighting. They can also last up to 25% longer than other types of bulbs.

Where can LED lighting be used?

Many different types of locations can utilize LED lighting systems. Warehouses, gas stations, convenience stores, parking lots, car dealerships, restaurants, and many other commercial and industrial facilities can make use of LED lights. Both indoor and outdoor LED lights are available for businesses, providing lighting for many areas such as canopies, light poles near parking spaces, storefronts, warehouse ceilings, and more.

LED lights are also used in coolers and display cases to illuminate products without generating heat near chilled products. There is practically no limit to the ways in which facilities can use LED lights to provide proper lighting.

Why is LED lighting better?

LED lighting is better than other types of lighting for multiple reasons, including its energy efficiency and lower costs. Using LED lighting fixtures instead of fluorescent or other types of lighting, businesses can save money and redirect investments to other aspects of their operations. Whether you're using indoor LED lighting or outdoor systems, you'll find that LED lights can help you save on energy costs while providing plenty of illumination in areas that need it.

There are many different customizable options available for LED lights, including colors and brightness levels, which can help you fully customize lights to meet your specific needs.

How does LED lighting compare to fluorescent?

There are several differences between LED and fluorescent lights that people should acknowledge when making the decision to purchase either type of lighting. While fluorescent lights have proved to be more energy efficient than older methods of commercial lighting, LED lighting can last up to 25% longer than fluorescent bulbs while saving up to 80% more on energy costs.

LED lighting also offers more customizability for each application, with different lenses, shapes, and colors available that you won't find with fluorescent lighting systems.

In short, if businesses want to save money on energy costs while benefitting from longer-lasting lights with more custom options, outdoor and indoor LED lighting is ideal for their facilities.