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LED Lighting 101

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If you’re looking for a way to save money and increase productivity in the workplace, you can benefit from installing a system of LED lighting, which offers many advantages over other types of lighting.

Why Should Businesses Switch to LED Lights?

While many businesses tend to operate during the day, they can’t ignore the need for interior lighting. Even with ample sunlight, retail facilities and others need lighting for sufficient illumination indoors, for specific displays and other areas. Proper lighting can also create a mood that helps showcase products and encourages productivity for employees.

Here are some specific benefits you’ll find with LED lighting for businesses.

Saved Energy

LED lighting is easily the best form of lighting to use if you want to conserve energy. While fluorescent lights are energy-efficient and use only a third of the energy of incandescent bulbs, LEDs only require about a tenth of the energy to provide the same amount of lighting.

Replacing your outdated commercial lighting with LED may come with higher upfront costs, but the energy savings that follow will make these lights a worthwhile investment with good ROI.

Long Lifespan

LEDs are also long-lasting. The average incandescent bulb will last for about 1,000 hours. CFLs last eight to ten times longer, but they are no match for LEDs, which can produce between 25,000 to 50,000 hours of lighting.

Fewer Downsides

Another benefit of using LEDs is the fact that you won’t get some of the problems and annoyances that come with other types of lighting. For example, LEDs don’t come with the annoying buzz that fluorescents emit, and they lack the potentially product-damaging UV rays that that other bulbs produce.

Customizable Features

LEDs used to require specialized fixtures for installation, but over the years they have adapted for compatibility with standard fixtures, with customizable brightness levels and colors.

LED Lighting is Recyclable

If you’re disposing of old incandescent bulbs in the trash, you don’t need to do this with LEDs, as they lack mercury and are recyclable. Their energy-saving features help make these bulbs the most environmentally friendly lighting products available.

Does Commercial LED Lighting Really Increase Job Performance?

Recent research has found that lighting in the workplace can heavily impact employee productivity. The brighter the light, the more beneficial it is for employee and visitor health, productivity, and safety.

On the other hand, dim lighting often causes headaches and eye strain, as the eyes are forced to work harder to see clearly in low-level lighting. Dim light can also cause a lack of focus and drowsiness, negatively impacting employee productivity and safety.

Here are some direct benefits that commercial LED lights provide for businesses.

Increased Overall Productivity

A new system of bright LED lighting can increase productivity in several ways. For instance, the time a task requires may decrease as workers are able to see the task more clearly and are more alert.

Studies have found that employees typically take less time to complete tasks such as map reading, tool measuring, and probing needles, among others, when the workplace had brighter lighting installed.

Low-quality and dimmer lighting, however, cause glare along with morale problems, headaches, eye strain, and even increased instances of sick leave. With brighter and more efficient lighting, productivity has experienced a boost.

Improved Health from Brighter Lighting

In addition to increased productivity, better hotel lighting also reduces headaches, eyestrain, and even the effects of seasonal affective disorder. Overall, natural lighting is great for employee and visitor health, stimulating vital biological functions in the brain.

Proper lighting is particularly helpful for the elderly because of their eyesight, which grows poorer over time.

Keep the Workplace in Good Shape with Commercial LED Lighting

There are many ways you can increase productivity and improve health in the workplace, but LED gas station lighting is one of the most effective means that many businesses often overlook. While incentives and team building exercises can improve job performance, an environment with sufficient lighting can truly improve the workforce. They’ll also help you save money, requiring less energy and maintenance in the long run.

Using high-quality LED lighting is ultimately a great way to improve the workplace and give your business what it needs for an efficient workforce.